The Ekiti State police command on Thursday arrested a popular street beggar Nzube Ekene who had been pretending to be blind for a while.

Ekene, a mom of two, begs for money around the popular Fajuyi roundabout with a ten-year-old girl she trafficked. She was arrested through the intervention of the chairperson of the Association of Women Lawyers known as FIDA Mrs Seyi Ojo.

FIDA chairperson Mrs Seyi Ojo speaking on how Ekene was arrested said she was in the queue of a vehicle stopped by the traffic light when the young girl approached her to beg.

She said when she got to the office, she asked that the woman who was being begged for be invited in hopes of her rendering possible assistance only to discover that she was a fake.

As at 11 am when she was arrested, she had about N11,000 on her and the girl who was with her reportedly also grabbed the FIDA chairperson in joy for rescuing her.

Narrating her ordeal the girl said the fake blind woman has come to her mother in Imo state and requested that she go with her to the Southwest so that she can assist her trading, promising that she will enroll the child in school but never did.

The girl whose name was simply given as Ada also spoke on how she was not allowed to speak with her mom and how she was maltreated.

Speaking with Roundoffnews, Ekene said she lives in Ikare Ondo State but she is from Imo State and begs to survive.

She has since been handed over toNAPTIP for further interrogation