The Instagram user,@thenancychidera, who posted a narrative that countered Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s claim that a teacher was bullying her daughter, Purity, has apologised.

Mercy Johnson had given a long narrative of her daughter’s experience in the hands of a teacher.

Reactions followed, expressing anger at the teacher’s attitude.

Then @thenancychidera came up with a narrative that totally negates what Mercy Johnson claimed.

Reacting, the actress went back to the school and made a live broadcast of the head teacher and other staff members denying what @thenancychudera wrote.

However, the lady, @thenancychidera, has posted another video where she apologised profusely to the star actress and every other person offended by her post.

She also added that she was receiving death threats over the issue and begged for peace.

Find her apology video below: