The reality TV star’s mother said in a post on her Instagram Stories that name-calling of single mothers in Nigeria has to stop.

Titi, a single mother, believes that single mothers are more responsible than the majority of married women. Please see her post below.

The name calling of single mother’s in Africa needs to stop especially in Nigeria. Single mother’s are even more responsible than must married women because the things that some of y’all do behind close doors dey SHOKE me…. if you think it’s easy being a single mum please try and play the role of mummy and daddy for one year without the help of a man

In other news, BBNaija star, Angel Smith has spoken out about her mother’s viral dance video.

Titi, her mother, recently took to social media to publish a video of herself twirling and twerking for the gram in a bumshort.

The video got people’s tongues buzzing, with many social media users criticizing and slamming the single mother.

Angel’s mother responded to their criticism by calling them hypocrites, claiming that if it were to be Beyonce who was dancing, they would applaud her.

While responding to a post she made about attackers practically crying on her page, Angel Smith came to her mother’s rescue.

Angel’s mom wrote;

Why you cut the onions”

Despite the unfavorable comments to her mother’s dancing video received from fans, Angel says she is proud of her. Angel praised her mother’s dance abilities and described her as “wonderful.”

Proud of you, you’re amazing,” Angel wrote.

Source: ghgossip